This is a very effective workshop for finding ways to move freely in life. It allows us to let go of anything that may have been holding us back: old habits, old relationships, past trauma, ancient mindsets, situations that no longer work and anything that inhibits us from living more fully. The workshop uses hypnosis and soft structures to help you to reorganize your inner values and your approach to life.


This course is for anyone who wants to enjoy their work more. Work is an opportunity for so many good things: creativity, meaning, friendship, fulfillment and challenge. And yet so often these uplifting experiences get bogged down in the modern experience of workplace stress. This course is designed for the modern business environment. It provides the inner skills to cope with the cut and thrust of the capitalist culture. it deals specifically with:

  • Using time effectively
  • Reaching targets
  • Dealing with seemingly overwhelming demands
  • Issues of lack of or too much control
  • Cooperating with subordinates bosses or colleagues in general
  • Decompress after work or difficult situations etc





Our sense of WEALTH effects many areas of our lives. Career, finance,relationship, social life and health are some of the areas that can benefit from this workshop. Much of our conditioning happened to us when we were too young or too unaware to notice it. It just slipped past our critical thinking while we were busy doing something else. This limiting conditioning came from such influences as family, religion, society and the media.Perhaps they were well meaning but they had deep unconscious patterns of their own that they passed on. They also had an investment in stopping us from living our full potential.This course is an opportunity to re-evaluate our patterns and values. In this way we can realize our greater potential and live a richer life based on our own sense of what wealth is, rather than a media or externally based one. .




This course takes a good look at the structure of our relationships and provides an opportunity for finding a center within the dance we call relationship. It supports us to find healthy ways of relating that are based on our own unique way of being in this world. So often we get lost between our own needs and the needs of the other and what is expected of us. This course helps us to navigate the storms as well as the calms in ways that can both honor our self and the other. This course is helpful for any kind of relating: marriage, love, parents, children , work colleagues and even for those among us who can't seem to get a relationship.




This course works on the principle that we all have a vast reservoir of insight, intelligence and healing within us. During the course we reconnect with our deeper selves to discover new directions for the future. When we have a difficulty we usually spend a lot of time and energy thinking about it. This attention has the tendency to embed the issue even deeper. By redirecting this focus of attention to our greater consciousness we can find out what would really help us. Sickness is usually a conflict between different parts of ourselves. This conflict smolders away behind the scenes but has the effect of sapping our energy and creating disease. This course is a respectful approach at making profound changes. We learn to re-organize our thoughts, feelings and attitudes in ways that make us more whole. Participants can bring any kind of issue to this course. Physical symptoms, dysfunctional behaviors, repetitive patterns, past traumas and much more can be brought into the healing field of this course.






This is a training in two parts: five days Joint Release and five days Language Skills.

JOINT RELEASE is a unique bodywork in that it is designed to work directly with the unconscious mind or the neurological system. When people have blocks or armoring in the musculature it is simply a result of a neurological response. It may have been a one-time shock that is being continually fired off even though the original cause has long since disappeared. Or it may be the result of a long-term habituated response that has turned into a solidified attitude and body posture (eg hunched shoulders, tight diaphragm). Either way the musculature is just the end result: the cause lies in the unconscious neurological patterns. Joint Release treats the body-mind as one system and treats the whole person.


LANGUAGE SKILLS are like another pair of hands for a body worker and they tend to be underdeveloped and under used. Language is a very powerful tool. It makes sense to learn how to use it effectively. Language can be used to direct the client's amazingly effective self healing abilities and so support the work of the therapist. It can be as simple as saying, 'and now feel this and use it for your healing' as you make a stroke. By adding these words to the technique you have created a greater range of opportunities for the client than if you only did a physical stroke. In this example the client's unconscious intelligence has been stimulated into thinking about how and what kind of healing. And this is just a simple example: so much more is possible.

These two techniques can become a very supportive combination to add to your own particular style of work. Both these approaches can be used with almost any type of body work.




COURSE: One and a quarter hours per day for a week

TRAINING: An additional 2 hours a day

This course develops an easy approach to bring meditation into everyday life. The emphasis is on deepening the meditative state and learning how to bring it into the rough and tumble of daily life.                                                                       

The training is designed to create facilitators who can guide people into meditation with or without the use of a script. It explains Self-Hypnosis and how this can support meditation. It also highlights some of the pitfalls when guiding someone into meditation. 


This process lasts for two hours a day and continues for a week. The first hour is for gibberish: expressing nonsense sounds. The second hour is for sitting in silence. The No Mind process is a stepping stone between therapy and meditation. It is very helpful for quietening the incessant jabbering of the mind. This process is simple and avoids many of the pitfalls of therapy. It is truly a world class technique for quietening the mind and dealing with stress. Osho created this technique as a way of bypassing the mind and moving into the healing power of silence. It is essentially a very simple process.