This 5 Day Healing Process is a unique opportunity. It is very effective for dealing with any category of difficulty. Physical symptoms, emotional issues, life problems and outdated mindsets all respond extremely well to the healing journey that the course offers.

We tend to look to the outside for help when we experience disease or when we feel pain or discomfort. This Healing Process does the opposite. It presumes that we have all the knowledge about ourselves that we need to know. The difficulty is not so much the problem itself as it is not knowing or understanding the language of our own inherent wisdom.

Why does this process work so well:

  • It is truly a holistic approach
  • It creates a friendly relationship between the conscious and unconscious intelligence
  • It deals with the root of the problem
  • It recognises that the individuals process should be respected
  • It is solution oriented and those solutions are discovered by the participant themselves
  • It offers a unique journey for each individual that is guided by their own intelligence
  • It is effective on many levels
  • Five days allows the process to go deep

What are some of the difficulties that people may bring to the course

  • Physical symptoms in the body: migraines, long term pain, recurring infections etc
  • Repetitive dysfunctional patterns of behaviour: being stuck in relationship or career, continuous dieting etc
  • Emotional difficulties: Trauma from past, over-reaction, under-reaction, relationship trauma etc


Some leaves let go as autumn begins 

Other leaves just like to take their time

And yet other leaves let go when the wind blows strong

And some leaves hang on until the land is frozen and the tree is bare

How and when you let go of your old stuff is in your hands