Anekant has been working in the field of Human Development since 1980. As a result of all these years of experience he has evolved his own style of helping people to lead fulfilling lives. The techniques he uses are founded in Hypnosis, NLP, Clean Language and Solution Focussed Work. The underlying ethos of his work and life is deeply embedded in meditation.

He started his journey by working through the body. He had years of experience as a Trager Practitioner© and studied with Milton Trager. This delightfully soft and deep approach was complimented by years of training in Tai Chi with Erle Montague. He has explored breath work and co- led the Craniosacral Balancing Trainings in the Osho resort in Poona (another soft and yet profound technique). His work has been deeply influenced by many years spent in the Osho Resort and by decades within the mystery  of the Osho experience.

From 1989 until the present day he has given sessions and led workshops at Osho Meditation Resort  . He has been working with Hypnosis and N.L.P. since 1992. He is trained as an NLP Trainer by John Grinder (co founder of nlp), Carmen Bostic St Clare and Michael Carroll at the N.L.P. Academy. And is also a New Code NLP Trainer. He studied with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He is trained and certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis by Stephen Brooks and British Hypnotherapy.

He has been strongly influenced by: Osho, John Overdurf, Richard Bandler, Jean Piaget and many others.

He brought  these specialised skills to the world of teaching where he worked in as a teacher in primary education. It was here that he was able to gain experience with how children learn and create their reality. This was also a time to gather experience with both children's behavioral issues and adult's learning styles. During this time he was able to mentor many Practitioner teachers.

Mediation has been a large part of Anekant's work and he uses it if clients are willing to develop on their own. He also brings meditation into the workshops and trainings as a fundamental part of his work.