At present Anekant is running three courses. these are:


  • OSHO VIPASSANA RETREAT (co-leads with Satsanga)

These are mostly available at Oshoafroz in Greece. The dates are available on the Oshoafroz web site.


THE HEALING INTENSIVE                                                                                         

This is a three or four day healing process. It can be for anyone who has some difficulty in their life or for people who would just like to spend four days in a deeply rejuvenating atmosphere. You can bring a specific issue to work with or you can use the time to make general adjustments to your quality of life. The underlying ethos of the course is that we all have the wisdom we need to flourish but sometimes it is covered over by obstacles that we often don't even know are there. Mindsets, patterns beliefs and values can all be re-assessed. Old and limiting experiences can be cleansed and let go of. As this happens the river of life begins to flow more freely, the log-jams start to loosen and life becomes that much easier. This course is a great cleansing that will bring benefit on many levels.

 CLEANING THE PAST FOR NOW                                                         

Many people feel that some past experiences hang around and put the breaks their life. Over the years we grow up and move through different stages of development. Mostly this happens naturally and we mature as adults. However there maybe some stages of development, emotions or limiting mindsets that never evolved. This course is a great opportunity to: go back, take another look, nudge things along, let go of old baggage or heal those experiences that continue to tug at our shirt sleeves from the unconscious. This form of healing is so easy because our natural ability is to mature. we just need to give it a bit of a shove every now and again. This course is a powerful way of healing.

 THE OSHO VIPASANA RETREAT                                                     

This experience lasts for three or five days and is done in complete silence. It is both profound and unique for each participant. All distractions are put to one side as you immerse yourself into the experience that we call 'me'. Phones, computers, books and socialising are all put on hold and this allows the awarenees to change direction and  to flow inwards. This is the great exploration. Osho vipasana is different from other vipasana's in that it has a quality of joy, of love, life and laughter. It is not so serious. The technique is kept simple and life energy is encouraged to flow by doing active meditations alongside the sitting. This is a great exploration, there is no therapist or guru: it is just you and the technique. Pure and honest.


However there are other courses he leads if invited to:


  • Osho No-Mind Meditative therapy
  • Creating Wealth
  • Healthy Relating
  • Joint Release bodywork
  • Language skills course
  • Let-go Relax and Move On