Many people like to work with individual sessions rather than attending courses. Individual sessions can be done face to face or over the internet. They allow a sense of privacy and intimacy that enables people cover more ground than  in a group. Also in an individual session the work can be more specific and directed towards the client's needs. It is tailor-made and more precise and so the benefits go deeper and last longer.

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  • OPEN SESSIONS: open sessions give the freedom to use any technique that seems appropriate at the time. This means that the experience is less structured and more geared to the needs of the client in the moment. The experience is more guided by the client than the technique.
  •  NLP SESSIONS: These sessions work with the whole being, the body, mind and the emotions. First we discover how the client is creating their difficulty at the unconscious level. Having done this it is easy to create the changes that are needed. The NLP techniques are very effective at creating healthier ways of being.
  • HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Hypnosis looks on our unconscious intelligence as a great and willing resource. These sessions make use of this and work directly with the unconscious often by-passing the conscious awareness. This is a powerful way of working because there is less interference and resistance from the doubting mind. Often the client is unaware of the changes until they begin to notice the results in their daily life.
    • CLEAN LANGUAGE SESSIONS: these sessions are very respectful and to a large extent are led by the client. The therapist's job is to support the client's journey and nudge them along. The respectful open space creates a metaphorical environment in which the client finds their own insights and solutions.
    • RELATIONSHIP SESSIONS: these sessions use all the techniques from the above sessions to guide people into healthy relating. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in habituated responses of a relationship. It can be very useful to have an impartial guide to offer more choices.
    • TRAGER™ SESSIONS: Trager sessions are a bodywork done on a massage table. They are delightful and nourishing while at the same time producing profound therapeutic results.The techniques work with the body rather than against it and stimulate the person's own self healing abilities at a profound level.